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The Importance of Women Only Networking Events

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

When most people think of a networking event, they automatically envision a cramped room with bad lighting and an exchange of business cards that never lead to any actual connections - or any real business. But the concept of networking events is changing. Being a female entrepreneur in a male-dominated world can be lonely, but women-only networking events are on the rise! Not only do these events allow women to find their tribe, but they allow women to make authentic connections in the business world!

Everyone is an Equal

Unlike co-ed networking events where women have to outshine their male counterparts, female-only networking events are welcoming, and no one is trying to be better than anyone else there. At women-only events, they can talk about running their one businesses or juggling professional life with family life. These events are designed to be stressfree and relaxing. Essentially women can “let their hair down” and share tips, ideas, and business tricks!

Find a Mentor

LinkedIn recently conducted a survey where they found that 82% of women believe having a mentor is vitally important to their professional and personal growth. At networking events designed specifically for women, they get the opportunity to mingle with many seasoned and successful women that are ready and willing to help mold the next generation of female business professionals.


Hearing the stories of other females can be a huge motivator for some people. Most women-only groups have programs where smaller groups can meet monthly to set goals and take their businesses to the next level. These groups are a great way to share successes but also the challenges that go along with being strong females in their given industry.

Find New Confidence

Attending women-only networking events can help grow any female business owner and entrepreneurs confidence. It gives a woman a place to develop new skills and be fully accepted and supported by a tribe of women looking to achieve the same or similar career goals.

Results Driven

Female-focused events allow individuals to feel supported by like-minded women. At these events, it's possible to come away with a higher number of quality business referrals which can help any business reach its goals. Women supporting women is one of the biggest ways to grow a successful and thriving business.

If you are interested in attending a female-only networking event, but there isn’t one in your area, considering starting one yourself! This is a great way to start building a network as well as building resources to help other women in business grow their network as well!

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