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Obstacles Women Still Face in Business

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

The world is evolving, but women are still behind when it comes to the workplace. Today’s modern day working women still struggle to find a balance between work life and their family life. Women are continuing to climb their way to the top of the corporate ladder and are faced with a variety of challenges that their male counterparts do not understand. The following are some of the obstacles women still face in the workplace on a daily basis.

Gender pay gap Women around the world still face a wage gap. Women are currently earning 78 cents for every dollar earned by a male. On average, a woman needs to work more than 70 additional days each year to reach the same earnings as their male counterparts. Even though society is changing, men are still seen as the ‘bread-winners’ in a family dynamic.

Career advancement Career advancement is much harder for younger female professionals because they need to work harder to earn recognition or praise for what they do compared to their male peers. In most workplaces, there is a general feeling that men advance faster because women are deemed incompetent or just have not been given the opportunity to prove themselves in their field.

Work-life imbalance The work-life imbalance is something everyone faces throughout their career, but women tend to face it more often than men. Whether it’s their personal life or their career, there is always some form of imbalance. Families suffer and tend to feel neglected because work commitments are taking over. At the same time, a women’s career can suffer because she leaves to pick her kids up from school every day. Work-life imbalance can be fixed through the organization and better time management of their priorities.  

Re-entering the workforce Relaunching a career after taking a step back can be challenging. The job force may have made drastic changes since the last position someone held, but it also requires combating ageism, rebuilding confidence, developing new skills and catching up on technology. Sometimes in these situations, they are viewed as being less successful because they chose a different path during their professional career.  

As career professionals, women face these challenges head-on every single day. As women, it is important to support and lift each other and help each other through the tough realities of the business world. Often seeking out women’s professional business support group in your city not only provides emotional support and encouragement but also give access to key programs in your field.  Global Women’s Leadership Network and Young Women in Business are two great organizations to consider reaching out to!

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