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Tammy-Lynn McNabb has been an authority in the health & wellness industry for over 18 years and an entrepreneur for over 20. Along the way, she has become a champion of women, women's rights, women in business and women's causes. She is the TV host and Producer of Health Wellness & Lifestyle TV, currently in its 7th season of national and international broadcasting and a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Registered Holistic Nutrition Practitioner. A mom to 2 teens and an amazing wife to what she calls her 3rd child. Tammy-Lynn has built a life & career around food, health, wellness & advocating for women's causes.

This site has been created and dedicated to supporting women in business.  It will provide content to help women in their journey to becoming self-supporting, confident entrepreneurs.  It will address areas of imbalance, harassment, professional hurdles and will lead the reader to opportunities for success.

Tammy-Lynn became an entrepreneur many years ago, less from desire than from the sexual harassment plagued circumstances of the large company atmosphere of the old 'boys' school boardrooms she faced in the corporate world. Believing that working for herself would allow her the freedom to work independently as her own boss, she continues to deal with issues that modern technology brings many women in the business world.  As a public figure, her team continuously deals with stalkers, predators, bullying, trolling & harassment through social media and internet platforms.  How do women, operating in today's medium of technology manage their public presence, online reputation and personal lives from the dangers of today's internet vortex and dark web?


Tammy-Lynn meets with various professionals in the legal and technology industries who teach women how to better protect themselves and those close to them safe, secure and protected. 



You don't have to be a celebrity to have someone stalk, harass and defame you online....

My personal story..

In today's age of the internet highway, women entrepreneurs have mines to navigate.....



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